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  In the past, faculty in each building had donated days differently; some sent all donation slips to the district office at once, others sent donation slips individually.  Some members donated one day initially and then later donated another if it was needed.  Some notified the Association of the request; others didn’t.  This variation created some problems.  In order to facilitate the bookkeeping process and to maintain the integrity of the contract provision’s intent, the Association and the District agreed on the following.

 Article XVII, section 2 (page 16) of the contract states:

“Upon proper notification to the School District, each professional employee shall be permitted to donate a maximum of two (2) sick days per school year to other bargaining unit members who have exhausted their sick leave days due to extended illness or injury.”

 Some clarification:

  • “Proper notification” means a signed note indicating how many days are being donated and to whom (see attached).
  • Each bargaining unit member may give no more than 2 days per school year.
  • Sick days can only be donated (with district approval) to “bargaining unit members who have exhausted their sick leave days due to extended illness or injury.”  This provision was not intended to allow colleagues who had exhausted their sick leave under ordinary circumstances to receive donated days; this situation would constitute a violation of the contract.

 The procedure as of April 2001:

Ø      Requests for sick day donations should be sent to the Superintendent.

Ø      If the request is approved, the Superintendent will notify the Association President who will inform faculty reps of the need for donated days.

Ø      Do not send sick day donation slips to the district office; send the slips, either collectively or individually, to the Secretary of the Association (Greg Butler in the high school).

Ø      All slips will be placed in an envelope as they are received.  Slips will be pulled randomly as days are needed.

Ø      If 2 days are donated on one slip and that slip is pulled, only 1 day will be taken at a time. 

Ø      If more days are donated than are needed, they will be returned to the original donors.  Your donation slip will be returned to you if your day is not used. 

Ø      Donated sick days will not accumulate in the account of the person who asked for donated days.

Ø      The Secretary will inform the district office who donated sick days to whom.

 If you have any questions about this, please contact one of the officers. 

 Many colleagues have benefited from this provision in times of great difficulty; we believe this new procedure will help maintain its intent and fairness.

Sick Day Donation

 I am donating _____  sick day(s) to

 __________________________________ as allowed by the provisions of  

the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

  I understand that donated days will be randomly selected by the Secretary of the Association and that any unused donated sick days will be returned to the donor.

 Signed   ______________________________________



 Send this form to Melissa Daniels at EverGreen Elementary

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