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Excerpted below are pertinent portions of Family and Medical Leave policy #444 for Professional Employees.  The full policy should be on file in the main office of each school building. 

Type of Leave Covered

·           Birth of a child, or placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care. 

·           To care for a spouse, child, or parent with a serious health condition.

·           The serious health condition of the employee.

 Letter Details:

Address letter to the superintendent:


Western Wayne School District

1970C Easton Turnpike

Lake Ariel, PA 18436



I am requesting the use of sick days under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

choose one:

·         to care for my son/daughter/husband/wife who is experiencing a serious health problem.

·         for myself

·         due to the birth/adoption of a child…

I anticipate the leave to be on an intermittent basis and to begin on …


I anticipate the leave to begin on…


 Employee Status and Benefits During Leave

While an employee is on leave, the district will continue the employee’s health benefits during the leave period at the same level and under the same conditions as if the employee had continued to work. 


 Length of Leave

Eligible employee can take up to twelve (12) weeks of leave under this policy. The twelve (12) week FMLA is interpreted to mean sixty (60) workdays for employees who work less than twelve months.  However, if a husband and wife are both employed by the district and wish to take leave under this policy, they may only take a combined total of twelve (12) weeks of leave for the birth or placement of a child or to care for an ill parent.  Under certain circumstances, the employee may take FMLA leave on an intermittent basis. 

 Use of Paid and Unpaid Leave

If the employee has available vacation, sick, emergency or personal time off, the employee must use this paid leave in conjunction with the FMLA leave.

 Example: A teacher plans to use a combination of sick days and FMLA after the birth of her child (paid and unpaid leave). She uses 20 sick days (4 weeks) after the birth of her child, then intends to take FMLA leave.  She now has only 8 weeks of her 12 FMLA weeks left because the 4 weeks of sick leave are deducted from the 12 weeks of FMLA leave.  If she wants to take additional weeks of unpaid leave, she may take child rearing leave, which requires that she pay for her benefits.

 Example:  A teacher is ill and uses 15 sick days (3 weeks) for an operation and recovery.  This depletes that teacher’s sick days.  Follow-up appointments and treatment are needed on an intermittent basis.  The teacher can use FMLA intermittent leave.  However, the teacher only has 9 weeks of FMLA left, since 3 weeks have been deducted due to this serious health condition.



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