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Letter for informing the district about maternity/adoption/child rearing leave

see p. 15-16 of the contract for details of the Child Rearing Provision; note that requests for child rearing leave are expected to be sent to the superintendent sixty (60) days prior to requested effective date.

 Address the letter to the superintendent:

Western Wayne School District
1970 C Easton Turnpike
Lake Ariel, PA 18436 

Inform him that you will be taking a leave due to the birth or adoption of a child.

 Include the following:

ü             Your tentative last date of work

ü             The number of sick days you have accumulated

ü             The number of sick days you plan to use (paid leave)

ü             The number of the 3 personal days you plan to use (if any)

ü             Your (tentative) return-to-work date

 If you have been employed for the past 12 months for the district, working at least 1250 hours during that period, you are entitled to 60 unpaid days of Family and Medical Leave per year. During FMLA days you are not paid, but the district continues to pay your health care. However, the district’s policy is that any paid leave days run the FMLA days concurrently. For example, if you use 20 paid sick days, you will then have 40 unpaid FMLA days left.

 If you exhaust all of your paid leave and unpaid FMLA and have not yet returned to work, be aware that the following month after your days expired, you will be responsible for paying the premium for your health care.

 If you plan to use only paid leave days for this absence, it is a good idea (if possible) to consider saving a few days so that you do not exhaust your entire sick or personal leave for the year.



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