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It is the YOUR responsibility, not the district office personnel's, to keep track of the number of credits earned, courses taken, transcripts submitted, etc.  You should keep copies of all documents you have submitted.

WWEA  updated August 2016 

Course Reimbursement

Master's Degree

Column Movement

Letter of Equivalency for Pay Purposes



Some general guidelines:

·         you must have Level II certification in order to be reimbursed for credits

·         if you expect reimbursement for a course, be sure to submit for course approval prior to taking it

·         you do not need course approval if you are not expecting reimbursement for that course

·         credits earned after obtaining a Master's degree or Letter of Equivalency count toward M+ columns; credits earned prior to obtaining a Master's degree or Letter of Equivalency cannot be used in the M+ columns

·         official transcripts are needed to verify column movement; have them sent to the district office

·         no more than 9 credits may be reimbursed per contract year; the starting date of the course (not the approval date) determines which contract year is affected

Course Reimbursement  (Beginning in the 2003 contract, an official transcript is no longer needed for reimbursement, only for column movement.)

·                            To receive deferred payment, send a completed "request for payment" form for course reimbursement and a copy of your grade report to the district office. 

·                            To receive regular reimbursement, send a completed "request for payment" form for course reimbursement, a grade report, and a copy of your paid receipt to the district office.

Column Movement

1.    Request in writing that the superintendent review your transcripts.

                ·           Be sure official transcripts are on file in the district office.

                ·           Grade reports for deferred payment cannot be used as transcripts.

                ·           Do not call the district office to ask if you have enough credits.

2.    A column move requires that all course work is complete before September 1st.  If transcripts are not on file, salary adjustments will be delayed until all are in and approved.  Adjustments will be retroactive to September 16th.

3.    Beginning with the 2009-2014 contract, you must remain in a column for a minimum of two years and may not skip any columns. (Exception is made for successful completion of National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification; see p. 24-25 of the 2014-2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement.)


Master's Degree

Request the granting university/college send a letter of proof of your Master's degree to the district.

Letter of Equivalency for Pay Purposes (Formerly called Master's Equivalency)

·         Employees who possess a Master’s Equivalency as of September 1, 2009 will continue to enjoy placement in the M (and M+) columns.

·         No Master’s Equivalency earned after September 1, 2009 will be recognized by the district.

Forms used to apply for Level II (Permanent Certification) or Letter of Equivalency for Pay Purposes (formerly Master's Equivalency), may be obtained from the school district office, PSEA Northeastern Region Office at 1-800-432-8619 or online at


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