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You must have a Master's degree or an MEQ to be eligible to take Western Wayne courses and have them count for advancement in the salary columns. You may take WW courses for Act 48 hours without a Master's degree or an MEQ.

If you have suggestions for WW courses, or are interested in teaching a course, contact the Continuing Professional Education committee through one of the Association officers, or the Assistant Superintendent. The CPE committee meets 4 times per year and is responsible for approving all professional development offered in the district.

WW courses previously offered:

"Maximizing Student Potential: Using Data to Enhance Student Learning"

"Promethean Board Introductory Training"

"Effective Classroom Management I"

"Growing Together: Using Critical Reflection and Teacher Inquiry to Improve Instruction"

"21st Century Classroom Technology Tools"

"21st Century Classroom Applications Using Technology"

"Google Tools"



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