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WWEA Retirement Checklist

PSERS (Harrisburg) 1-888-773-7748


PSERS/Northeast Regional Office

417 Lackawanna Ave. Suite 201

Scranton, PA 18503-2013

1-888-773-7748 Ext. 5375

570-614-0269 or FAX: 570-614-0278


  • Within five years of retirement, attend an Association (PSEA) pre-retirement seminar to get information on the transition period, social security and Medicare benefits, estate planning, your PSERS option choices and financial planning. 
  • Examine your latest Statement of Account from PSERS and verify the information. 
  • Make a Purchase of Service (POS) request while still employed if you have any previous school service in Pennsylvania that is not reflected on your estimate, or any out-of-state school service, active military service, or any other type of qualifying service. 
  • Contact PSERS at the beginning of your final employment year to secure an estimate of your retirement benefits. For a listing of PSERS' regional offices and telephone numbers, visit
  • Review the PSERS retirement benefit estimate, and carefully consider the benefit options based on your personal and total financial circumstances. Within six months of expected retirement, call the PSERS regional office and schedule a Retirement Exit Counseling session. They will assist you in completing your retirement application. 
  • In the year prior to your retirement, investigate your employer's guidelines for retiring, terminating, and resigning. Also, check with your local association for any negotiated retirement benefits and options for continuing health insurance coverage without interruption.

If you have any questions as you proceed through the retirement process, contact your PSERS regional office:

 Submit a letter of your intent to retire to the superintendent by April 15.  [Sample wording below]

Dear _________:

Please consider this my letter announcing my retirement.  My retirement will be effective on __________.   (Usually, this will be the day after the last day of the school year.)

 I am requesting the benefits of the Retirement Incentive (Article 39) and Reimbursement for Unused Sick Days at Retirement (Article 11) provisions as stated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (2014-2020) [Include only applicable articles]





If retiring under the Retirement Incentive and/or collecting Reimbursement for Unused Sick Days, and you do not already have a TSA, you need to set one up with one of the employer-approved companies that are managed by the third-party administrator Kades-Margolis. 


Kades-Margolis Corporation

940 West Valley Road,

Suite 1200,

Wayne PA 19087

Phone: (800) 433-1828   (M-F 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Fax: (610) 971-1086


Confirm the number of unused sick days available for reimbursement as of the last day of school with Sue Romanski (x1102) in the district office.

Consider applying for direct deposit of your retirement checks into your bank account.


Join PSEA-Retired.  See


Within 3 to 6 months of eligibility, call or visit your local Social Security office to apply for your social security.  (Call at the end of the week and end of the month for best results.)




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